Ensure Your Cloud Solutions are Properly Secured with Solutions to Augment and Reinforce Your Cloud Security Posture 


Virtual Firewalls for Azure


While Microsoft has done a tremendous job in providing a highly secure Cloud Platform for Azure, if you are operating internet facing resources or a hybrid environment, we highly recommend securing important and critical assets in the cloud with a Network Virtual Appliance.   Any security strategy starts with ensuring the Azure resources are configured correctly for your security posture but augmenting with a virtual firewall appliance is a best practice.  For Best of Breed we recommend Palo Alto Networks solutions and have significant deployment and management expertise in delivering these solutions for customers to ensure peace of mind and a secure operational environment for Azure.


Identity and Access Control Security

identity is the new security perimeter

With so many services being consumed by end subscribers, it is critical to successful Enterprise Security strategy to leverage identity security to enforce policies, threat protection and detection and ultimately protect the corporate data, applications, environments and networks.   Microsoft has done an excellent job in creating a comprehensive toolkit of identity and access security services to ensure Enterprise are able to safely operate in the Cloud.   Navigating the available features and services and ensuring your environment is optimally secured is challenging and having an experienced partner like AirGate assist you will be beneficial and accelerate your time to market with confidence.


Cloud Security Design

end to end security design for microsoft cloud

Whether you are deploying Office 365 or Azure, ensuring you have a well architected security design that is then well executed is critical.  From policy and governance to access and identity control all the way through to configuration and deployment of security services, AirGate can help you with the best design for your security and business requirements.


Security Health Check

ensure your cloud security is strong and optimized

Regular Health Checks on your security deployment and posture for Office 365 and Azure are highly recommended.  AirGate will use best in class tools to monitor and audit your deployment and make recommendations on how to strengthen and optimize your environments.   Get peace of mind by having your cloud security validated by our team of professionals.   


Managed Security

fully managed services for azure and microsoft 365

AirGate delivers fully managed services for Microsoft Cloud Solutions including Managed Cloud, Managed Security, Managed Cloud Networking, Staff Augmentation and more.

Our Intelligent Network Operations Centre orchestrates and delivers full 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring, management and maintenance of your Cloud Solutions with advanced intelligence, automation and analytics tools which encompass security, best practices, service assurance and end to end quality management for our customers.

All that adds up to improved cost savings, reduced downtime, better change management and a better, more secure Cloud experience for you.






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