Where we’re going, we don’t need our own hardware
— Doc Brown (fictional character from Back To The Future). Also - our very own Azure Architects say this!

The Future of Cloud Success Starts with The Right Strategy and Customer Relationship

Our mission is to help customers achieve their cloud vision by leveraging Microsoft Cloud Services and AirGate's Professional Services, Network Services and Managed Services to help them breakthrough, accelerate and optimize their cloud deployments.   We bring the very best in quality of experience, high performance, best in class architecture and expertise and an unparalleled commitment to customer success to every engagement.  In FY18 that approach has enabled us to achieve a wonderful level of success with our clients and to reach higher than we expected.   We continue to innovate every day and strive to be the very best for our clients, our partners and our stakeholders.   We believe we have chosen the right anchor partner with Microsoft and look forward to FY19 and beyond for continued growth and for continuing to do incredible work that matters for customers across Canada.



AirGate continues to grow on all vectors in our Microsoft Relationship.  Over the past several months, we have leveraged more than 200 Best Practices to help customers ensure their Azure deployments were rock solid, we have launched more than 10 New Service Offerings, we have worked with more than 50 new customers and grown our business more than 400%.   By focusing on deep technical expertise, the customer need and vision and acutely driving project excellence and execution we've been thrilled to continue to deliver the results our Clients and our Partners require.   We can't wait to see what FY19 will bring for Microsoft, AirGate and our Clients.

AirGate Delivers Mission Critical Infrastructure on Microsoft Azure and is an Industry Leader in Delivering ExpressRoute

Pelmorex needed our help in delivering the Mission Critical Cloud Infrastructure for the Wireless Public Alerting launched on April 6, 2018.   We are so grateful and proud to have been a part of this important initiative and to continuing to operate it through our managed service offering.  Because we are Canadian too.

AirGate Delivers Comprehensive Governance Solutions for Microsoft Cloud to Leading Enterprises and Commercial Businesses

For Clients Planning on Deploying Cloud Services like Azure and Modern Workplace, AirGate brings a comprehensive set of Governance, Security and Compliance Solutions to help remove roadblocks, solidify deployment readiness and accelerate cloud service deployment.   We have had significant success in FY18 delivering these solutions to Commercial and Enterprise businesses across Canada to help drive faster, more successful cloud rollouts that give confidence and assurance to IT and DevOps teams while ensuring acceleration and rapid growth.   A 4 week engagement can help customers move their programs forward by 4-6 months on average with existing customers growing their Azure footprint by 200% or more in as little as 90 days.

Customers Have Grown their Azure Footprint by 200% or more in as little as 90 Days.

ExpressRoute Helps Drive 3-5X Consumption in 3-6 Months

Recent Customer Testimonials:

We received our deliverables from AirGate and the work was of high quality and value.
— Brian Bayne, ATS Automation
AirGate was able to provide in depth knowledge in Azure, explain in detail best practice to govern the environment and documented recommendations that made sense for the team here
— Elie Mansour, Project Manager
I would like to thank you for being one of our trusted vendors/partners. The team at AirGate has been a pleasure to work with over the last few months as we have transitioned some workloads to the cloud.
— Austin Sagala, City of Brampton

FY18 Launch of DevOps Solutions with Azure and Terraform

Across Managed Services and Professional Services offerings, AirGate has delivered turnkey DevOps Solutions for Customers on Azure with Terraform.   We believe so much in the value of Automation and Infrastructure as Code we use it ourselves for our own activities and services in Azure - that translates to even more value for customers as we have resources and services ready and at their disposal for the most critical and challenging customer development needs.

And in Summary....

Every day we strive to do our very best to assist Commercial and Enterprise Clients with their Digital Transformation Needs.  We don't shy away from challenge we run toward it and pull out all the stops to solve our Clients' needs.   We use Microsoft Azure as our Exclusive Platform to deliver services, we bring the highest commitment to Customer Excellence to everything we do, we embrace learning and innovating and above all we love being a Microsoft Gold Partner.   At AirGate, we are humble, focused, inspired and ready to deliver the cloud services and solutions that matter most to Canadian Businesses.   There's never been a more exciting, transformative time to be in Technology and we look forward to a great FY18 finish and to an amazing FY19 with Microsoft.