“To be successful in the Cloud it is very important to choose the right partner.  We found that partner in AirGate for our EPIC and PACS implementations on Azure”.  
Jean-Claude Lemonde, The Ottawa Hospital
Every day, our team strives to make the seemingly impossible a reality for our customers as we design, develop, build, deploy and operate game changing solutions on Azure to deliver tremendous value and benefit to customers across multiple industries. To the AirGate team, Azure isn't just a platform but a way of life as we drive to deliver solutions that improve the lives of those who use the Azure solutions we create. This approach has enabled us to accelerate and amplify Azure consumption across more than 100 new projects and more than 50 new customers in FY2019. 
During FY19, the AirGate team conceived two solutions for The Ottawa Hospital deployed within Azure. Facing significant power and capacity challenges with their new data center, AirGate stepped in to help solve critical business and technical elements. This was mission critical for the deployment of their Electronic Medical Records solution from EPIC Systems. AirGate was able to architect, deliver and manage the EPIC deployment on Azure including all aspects of the infrastructure - database, applications servers, Citrix environment, firewalls, ExpressRoute and Netscaler load balancers. Secondly, TOH running out of on premise storage space to support their medical imaging archives and digital repository (PACS system) due to onboarding partner hospitals. AirGate designed, built and delivered the AirGate PACS solution to meet TOH's needs in less than 30 days, solving storage constraints and saving the  hospital $700,000 CAPEX spend.
Both projects required complex planning with a deep understanding of Azure. These innovations on Azure are both Canadian and world firsts that set the stage for repeatable deployments and accelerated growth through FY19, FY20 and beyond. 
World First

AirGate Technologies 

Application Innovation Award - Healthcare
Microsoft Impact Awards 2019

"If our society can seize this moment to unleash the power of innovators to create better models, which allow them to profit from removing waste and finding new efficiencies, we can put ourselves on the path to a satisfying and sustainable healthcare system"

Jonathan Bush & Michael Chernew, PhD