ExpressRoute enables Enterprises to connect to the Microsoft Cloud using a private, predictable and low latency network solution


Private Connection

your direct connection to THE microsoft cloud

Connect to all your services in Microsoft Azure with a private network link.  ExpressRoute connections don't go over the public internet, and offer more reliability, faster speeds, lower latencies, and higher security than typical connections over the internet.

If you use Dynamics 365 you can use ExpressRoute as well to give an optimum experience to your end users for your business applications.   Certain customers may also benefit from Office 365 workloads being routed over ExpressRoute (*requires Microsoft approval).


Low Latency  

low latency means better cloud experience

The internet is unpredictable and best effort based as it is engineered for the masses.  Latency or the time it takes for cloud services and applications to respond to an end user can vary substantially minute by minute, hour by hour.  Low latency also essential for optimal performance in hybrid cloud deployments.  Ensure your applications and services benefit from the best possible latency by using ExpressRoute to reach your Microsoft Cloud Services.  Give your end users the best experience possible to ensure cloud success.


Predictable High Quality

Quality of Service on the shortest route to cloud

Your Applications and Services in the Cloud rely on predictable high quality connectivity to perform well.  With ExpressRoute Solutions delivered by AirGate you will get not only low latency and shortest path to your Cloud Resources, you will benefit from Quality of Service enabled connectivity that provides predictable, consistent performance around the clock.


Enterprise Grade, SLA Backed

extend your network to the cloud

As an Enterprise, you rely on your network to provide the right foundation for your applications and systems.   With ExpressRoute, your resources in the cloud become part of your Enterprise network and enable you to truly leverage the best of the Microsoft Cloud.   Backed by an end to end SLA, your AirGate solution for ExpressRoute will give you confidence and trust that your Cloud Services will be able to perform at the highest level of quality.


High Availability Architecture

carrier grade availability with ha configurations

Achieve high availability by connecting multiple ExpressRoute circuits in different peering locations to your virtual networks and ensure mission critical availability to your cloud services based on best in practice design and deployment from AirGate.  Further, you can use the AirGate carrier grade network to ensure data sovereignty in transit where required for compliance and governance.


Best in Class Deployment

airgate delivers best in class expressroute services

AirGate's Team of Cloud Networking experts have industry leading track record of excellence in ExpressRoute deployments for all workloads.   These solutions are complex and require deep expertise in on premises networking, carrier routing, quality of service and Microsoft Azure.  We understand how to design, deploy and manage Microsoft Azure Networking solutions to the highest standards of quality and effective, efficient implementation.  Trust the partner who has the experience, expertise and proven ability to deliver with your ExpressRoute, Cloud Networking and Security needs.  






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