Robust, Best in Class Governance and Compliance Solutions with AirGate and Microsoft Cloud


Governance Framework

end to end framework for cloud governance

Comprehensive Governance for Cloud covers not only Cost Management but should deliver a complete end to end framework and plan for ensuring your Enterprise has the appropriate controls, policies, tools and resources in place.   AirGate's Governance Framework provides a comprehensive, pragmatic approach to ensuring Governance is well articulated and executed to support your Cloud deployments and your business imperatives.


Cost Management

manage and optimize your cloud spend

Implement Cost Management Tools and Detailed Dashboards for Visibility, Optimization and Management of your costs related to Azure and Office 365 services.   Reduce wastage, ensure that licenses and usage are being optimized and that you are spending not just according to budget but with a focus on key performance indicators and success outcomes.  Reports and dashboards at your fingertips to ensure you have accountability and the ability to allocate costs according to budget, department or based on specific business requirements.


Security and Access Management

end to end security governance for microsoft cloud

Control, Manage and Monitor Cloud Security with services and solutions from AirGate.  Ensure the right security framework is designed and implemented and that is is being followed to ensure compliance and optimal protection for your Enterprise.  With both ready to go professional services and managed services available, choose the approach that is right for your Enterprise.


Cloud Infrastructure Management


A well managed and secure cloud relies on a best practices based approach to managing the infrastructure and services that you are consuming.  Across configuration, patch, change management to access control, security and compliance ensuring you have an infrastructure management program in place will enable long term success in the cloud.   AirGate will define a recommended set of best practices for managing your cloud environments and can provide a full managed service as well.

Compliance and GDPR

robust compliance. be gdpr ready.  we've got you covered

Microsoft's Cloud Platform has the most compliance certifications and capabilities in the public cloud market today and with a continued focus on driving market leading support for compliance across key industries and requirements.   And now with Microsoft Compliance Manager and Professional Services from AirGate you can ensure you are ready for GDPR Compliance quickly - with the May 2018 deadline around the corner you need a partner you can rely on to help you cover the bases on all your compliance needs.







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